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Start Writing in 2009! 26 FREE Creative Writing Classes [02 Jan 2009|01:08am]
On January 13 and 14, 2009, the professional writers of Gotham Writers' Workshop are going to inspire would-be writers to discover their muse and make good on their resolution to Start Writing in 2009 by offering 26 free creative writing classes.

Faculty members will teach one-hour introductory classes in more than 10 forms of writing, including: Fiction Writing, Screenwriting, Children's Book Writing, Article Writing, Memoir Writing, Poetry Writing, Humor Writing, Stand-up Comedy Writing, Playwriting, and Nonfiction Writing. There's even a class for people who want to write but aren't sure how to get started: Creative Writing 101. Each class consists of short lectures and writing exercises.

The free classes will be presented in two sessions -- one beginning at 7:00 p.m. the other beginning at 8:15 p.m. -- and will take place at four locations in Manhattan. For a complete list of classes and locations visit Free.WritingClasses.com

While admission is free, pre-registration is suggested as classroom space is limited. For a schedule of classes and to register, visit Free.WritingClasses.com
UWS, LES, West Village and Midtown West, Check Website for Locations!
(212) 974-8377
FREE! (Pre-Registration Encouraged)
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The Lives of Others: Rules of Sitting [16 Nov 2008|12:39am]
The Lives of Others: Rules of Sitting - An Essay in Three Parts

#333Collapse )

See who Wallach is in the Brooklynites project, 7th one down.

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surprise [17 Oct 2008|07:53pm]
Post or link to an image that describes you best, that is your essence, that is your zero degree
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Excerpt from Reading Lolita in Tehran [08 Oct 2008|09:43pm]
A novel is not an allegory, I said as the period was about to come to an end. It is the sensual experience of another world. If you don’t enter that world, hold your breath with the characters and become involved in their destiny, you won’t be able to empathize, and empathy is at the heart of the novel. This is how you read a novel: you inhale the experience. So start breathing. I just want you to remember this. That is all; class dismissed.

Nafisi, Azar. Reading Lolita in Tehran : A Memoir in Books.
Westminster, MD, USA: Random House, Incorporated, 2003. p 111.
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[01 Sep 2008|07:45pm]
two of my classes got dropped
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[21 Jul 2008|06:22pm]
I am running a psychology experiment that includes an observational task involving mild shocks. The experiment runs 15-20 min for 3 consecutive days; you will be paid $40 on Day 3 and personally select your shock level the first session.

If interested, please select one of the schedules below:

Monday-Wednesday, July 21-23 anytime between 6-10pm (this week)
Monday- Wednesday, July 28-30 anytime between 6-10pm

IMPORTANT - you cannot do this experiment if you have recently been in an experiment that involves mild shocks.

If you are interested, please contact me at cmr385@nyu.edu.

Thank you!!


Research assistant
Phelps Lab for Cognitive Neuropsychology
New York University
6 Washington Place, Rm. 863
New York, NY 10003
P: (212) 998-3720

i would do this, if i hadnt already done an experiment with shocks recently
but this is a quick way to make drinking money
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Financial District [30 Jun 2008|10:09pm]

do "we" care more because she was a young model? what else is this saying
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avenue beyond [29 Jun 2008|10:30pm]

i have seven cuts on one finger from installing an air conditioner at my apt
you are welcomed to crash anytime, just give me a call/heads up
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[14 Jun 2008|11:29pm]
I retyped some things for Scholastic for their 85th anniversary of the competition, selections from all the decades, while I was waiting for someone a while ago. Thought I would share a bit:

William Dodge – Thirteen
Grover Cleveland High School
Caldwell, New Jersey
Teacher: Alice Long, 1956

Being thirteen has certain problems that only another thirteen-year-old would understand. The biggest, I think, is learning to get along well with adults. I have found that when dealing with grownups, it is wise to remember two things:
1. Always use your head.
2. Never use your head.

Bernard Malamud, Age 18
Erasmus Hall HS, Brooklyn, NY
Teacher: Clara A MolendyK

“There is nothing new under the sun,” say some people, and then they proceed to become very much bored with the world. If only they could see, and hear, their fellow human beings day after day, they might be able, in time, to enrich the world with new and beautiful ideas. Perhaps they might even be able to answer the eternal question, Why?—why Wordsworth loved the flowers and the meadows; why Hamlet, in emotional anguish, cried, “Vengeance!”; Why Adam and Eve were driven from Paradise; why Beethoven created such passionate music, why people cry—and many other Why’s.

Laurice Chen, 17,
Walt Whitman HS, Bethesda, MD
Teacher: Suzann Cokers
HOME (excerpt), 1997

My grandmother once told me regret could ruin a life, no matter how well lived through the living, the looking back could break its bones and take its soul. She told me to live life without regret. “You can’t change things,” she said, “and anyway, the experience has already changed you. Relish it. No regrets.”
Out the window, I can see the fog curling under the wheels, caught and illuminated by the weak headlights and the dim street lamps who numbers diminish as we spin further and further out into the night. The blackness I see around us is reflected in my father’s eyes when I turn my head. He focuses on the road, trying to pull up the thin yellow lines that tie us off from the empty space, trying to free them from the blackness that seeps into his eyes.
He looks tired. Haggard. He reaches over to turn on the heat, glances over and smiles, touches my arm for reassurance.
I am reminded of the last winter that I visited my grandmother in Northern China, in her house on a hill that edged up towards Russia. She lived near shattered portions of the Great Wall—tumbled down remains like the shedded scales off some magnificent dragon. We explored them together, a sixteen-year-old and a seventy-year-old, turning rocks to find skulls, bits of iron, a flower growing in a crevice filled with ice. The only heat in her house came from the kitchen fire which burned down to embers during the night and left the house unbearably cold. My grandmother used hot bricks wrapped in towels that she slid under the covers every four hours, crawling out of bed herself to heat them, then hurrying back to bed, huddling close and speaking to me softly, stroking my hair, telling me about her past….
“I met a boy named Lee one winter,” my grandmother twisted a small section of my hair into a knot around her finger, “he lived on the other side of here, and we spent all of our free time together, running around these hills, sledding with animal hides we soaked in water and left out overnight. I was sixteen, your age, “ she stretched out a leg to brush the bricks with her toe, “ good, still hot. And one day, we realized we loved each other. Like only young people can love each other, we loved each other.” I could imagine her smiling in the dark, her fingers still tangled in my hair….

Capote won a lot of these awards. Looking at this piece from the 90s.. part of me thinks you guys would have done well in this competition in high school. hindsight
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[24 May 2008|02:13am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

i woke up at 530a this morning, for no reason.

duffel? roll-y? or roll-y duffel?
ipod or no ipod?
bathing suit.. no? yes?
15 pairs of underwear or .. not 15 pairs?
does anybody have the converter-plug-thing? i seem to have misplaced mine

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[20 May 2008|09:28pm]
one week? less?
is there a hopstop type thing for paris? or just all of europe? that would be hella convenient wouldn't it?
still stuff to be done, moderate things, many little things that consume me and time and my time.. yeah i freak out
bad dreams make me think that bad things are going to happen to me again
i hate life in boxes, but i have to get used to it
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sign the petition [26 Apr 2008|09:26pm]
this has made its way through my photo dept
and now i see it has made its way onto facebook (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=26898570848&ref=mf)


In 2007, the 'artist' Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, took a dog from the street, tied him to a rope in an art gallery and began starving him to death.

For several days, the 'artist' and the visitors of the exhibition watched, emotionless, the shameful 'masterpiece' based on the dog's agony, until eventually he died.

But this is not all... the prestigious Visual Arts Biennial of Central America decided that the 'installation' WAS actually art, so Guillermo Vargas Habacuc has been invited to repeat his cruel action for the Biennial of 2008.

AND, for those of you saying "This is all a hoax, etc," here is a direct quote FROM THE 'ARTIST' himself!:
"I knew the dog died on the following day from lack of food. During the inauguration, I knew that the dog was persecuted in the evening between the houses of aluminum and cardboard in a district of Managua. 5 children who helped to capture the dog received 10 bonds of córdobas for their assistance. The name of the dog was Natividad, and I let him die of hunger in the sight of everyone, as if the death of a poor dog was a shameless media show in which nobody does anything but to applaud or to watch disturbed. In the place that the dog was exposed remain a metal cable and a cord. The dog was extremely ill and did not want to eat, so in natural surroundings it would have died anyway; thus they are all poor stray dogs: sooner or later they die or are killed."
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in the onion [02 Apr 2008|11:20am]
The 'Write' of Spring - 18 Free Creative Writing Classes

Gotham image

Gotham Writers

Text this event
Aspiring scribes are invited to celebrate the 'Write' of Spring with Gotham Writers' Workshop on April 8 and 9 when professional writers on Gotham's faculty present 18 free writing classes. Introductory classes will be offered in Fiction Writing, Screenwriting, Humor Writing, Children's Book Writing, Memoir Writing, Article Writing, Poetry Writing, and Travel Writing. There is even Creative Writing 101, a class for people who want to write but aren't sure where to start. Each class consists of short lectures and writing exercises.

Classes are free when you pre-register online. Multiple classes will be available at the below locations. More details are available online or by calling (212) 974-8377.

Enter to win a free Gotham Writers' Workshop One-Day Intensive writing class (value $150). Email nypromo@theonion.com w/ "Gotham Writers" in the subject and tell us the name of your favorite writer.

Tuesday, April 8
Trinity School
101 W. 91st St.
FREE w/ Registration

Wednesday, April 9
University Settlement
273 Bowery
FREE w/ Registration

(i can forward the email)
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spam [30 Mar 2008|11:26am]
chain spam blogCollapse )
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[28 Mar 2008|01:06am]
one of the students i worked with in miami is selling her stuff, being broke sucks
that and its a cool way to check her work
this girl is amazing person, check her site
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protest 5 years in iraq [18 Mar 2008|01:49pm]
web version:

Wednesday, March 19
(Fifth Anniversary of Shock and Awe)

Noon, Knit-In with Granny Peace Brigade
Times Square Recruiting Station, Manhattan

Noon, Protest at Brooklyn Office of Congressional Rep. Vito Fossella,
8505 4th Avenue, corner 85th St, Bay Ridge. Rep. Fossella continues
to vote unconditional funding to support the Iraq war. Sponsored by
Bay Ridge Peace Action.

4:00 pm, "Keep the Promises" Rally for Education, Not War. City Hall.
Rally to protest education cuts. Bring the message Education, Not
War! We need lots of help to pass out River to River fliers.

Evening Vigils
Bronx: Candlelight Vigil 5:30 - 7:00 Sedgwick Avenue and Van
Cortlandt Ave, across from the C-Town.

Manhattan: Silent Walk for Peace, Rally, Speak Out/Speak In
5:30 - Gather at West End and 86th St.
6:00 - Silent Walk to 73rd and Broadway, Verdi Park for a rally.
7:30 - Speak Out/Speak In at St. Rutger's Church on 73rd St.

Koreatown: Choose Peace, End War Candlelight Vigil and Rally
5:30 - 7:30, 32nd & Broadway, Manhattan. Sponsored by Nodutol

Grand Army Plaza: Flashlight Vigil: Brooklyn Says No to War
6:00. Vigil then march to Military Recruiting Station at 41 Flatbush
Ave. (at Livingston), downtown Brooklyn. Sponsored by Brooklyn for Peace

Tuesday, March 18
Speak Out! 4 - 7:30. With speakers Naomi Klein, Laura Flanders and
more. Screenings from Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan.
Exhibitions: Eyes Wide Open and Costs of War. Information tables of
12 NYC activist groups. powerHouse Arena, 37 Main St, Dumbo,
Brooklyn. Free!

Saturday, March 22
River to River
Join Hands for Peace
Noon - Hands Across 14th St.
1:00 - March from both ends of the line to converge on Park Avenue
between 15th and 17th Streets
2:00 - Commemoration: Tolling of the Bells, 5 Minutes of Silence,
Taps. Bring Photos and Flowers.

Volunteers Needed! Please help us make this action a success by
volunteering for security, greeting, poster distribution, money
collection. www.unitedforpeace.org/nycvolunteer
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It Takes More Than Hope To Get Change [29 Feb 2008|11:56pm]

well, you can't say it isn't clever
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for those who didn't notice [28 Feb 2008|01:50am]
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[23 Feb 2008|12:55am]

ArtCal opinionated arts calendar
ArtCal is the opinionated art calendar covering the New York area. Listings are hand-picked by a very small group of editors, with a focus on new and emerging artists. The ArtCal Zine, ArtCal's critical apparatus, is updated daily with art criticism and events information by an expanding group of contributing artists, writers, and cultural producers.
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[20 Feb 2008|12:54am]
why havent i found you sooner


quick picks

its so much better projected in a dark room.. so turn off your lights before you watch any of this
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